White Tea

While trying to resemble Singaporean Teh Tarik (or Teh C) I came up with this:

It’s actually black tea straight from the source (BOH in Cameron Highlands) mixed with Dutch Lady condensed milk. I’ve seen hawkers use plenty of that white stuff but it seems it was mostly their own recipe. I might have used too much of the local (Milchmädchen) brand.

Nevertheless: White tea! A bit too sweet, yet smooth in taste. Still far from Singaporean coffee shop quality. I wonder how they do it…

3 Antworten auf „White Tea“

Try it with coffee cream 12% fat (more soft and smooth, but less sweet).
Dont fear the fat, fear the sugar… 🙂

I do fear the sugar and I also like milk with just tea. There’s all sorts of different kinds. Just the Singaporean (or Malaysian) way demands sugar. And it’s hard to resemble.

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