Short-distance Relationship

Since being in a long-distance relationship right now we had a talk the other day. And came to think about what would be the opposite. A short-distance relationship?

Nope, never had one of those before. What would it mean? If it’s the opposite of long-distance it would mean seeing the other person 24 hours a day almost every day of the year. Except for those weeks when you’re apart, as in really far apart. Long-distance relationship-kind of far apart. Would it feel like you’re on a holiday?

When you’re close, you’re close. It might mean more than a traditional relationship. Think of not just spending your free-time with that other person but also your time at work. Won’t you miss time for yourself, a lot?

Tell me please, cos I honestly don’t know. 🙂

2 Antworten auf „Short-distance Relationship“

Actually, I’m not really sure if I’ve gotten the point properly. So you want to know what it’s like to be in an old fashioned near distance relationship? It is difficult to tell because I used to have far distance relationships when I was younger. So my observations might be interfered with actual persons, personal progress and so on. I guess, far distance means more desire and freedom but less attachment and commitment. Over the course of years, fireside might get more and more attractive.

Fireside is always attractive no matter if far or long distance relationship. And, yeah, how do you stick together after so many years? How do you cope with not having much free time for yourself?

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